Natural Flow Silicone Bottle – 150ml


– Our bottles come in 150ml and 230ml.

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If there is any word that scares a breastfeeding mom to the core, it must be “nipple confusion” or “breast rejection”. Bottle rejection for moms needing to go to work is just such a great fear- what do you do if your little one refuses to drink anything not presented in soft, warm mom- packaging? As a solution to those challenges, we introduce our Natural Flow silicone bottle.

What we love about it: The soft, silicone teat is designed to feel exactly like mom. The slow flow teat demands the same amount of suction too, ensuring baby won’t get ‘lazy’ and prefer the bottle. The teat also has two no-spill air vents, ensuring no air gets trapped in the bottle. The bottle is designed to assist baby in seamlessly transitioning between the bottle and the breast. The wide bottle allows for easy cleaning and holding. Our 100% food grade silicone is safe and healthy for baby and can easily be sterilised. The teat is designed to latch, allowing baby to drink the exact same way as he would with mom.