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I have always been an entrepreneur. It started as a small business years ago making baby clothes and accessories for friends and family as well as attending the occasional local art-festivals. The idea of turning it into a prosperous business was always put on hold as I focused on my photography ambitions. 7 years ago I decided to “mommy manage” and step away from photography as late nights and less weekend time with my children started to take a toll on being a mother – my greatest achievement. I found a way to incorporate my passion for kids clothing, toys and accessories with the love for my children, whilst being a full time mommy.

A personal journey . . .

After 3 years of unsuccessful fertility procedures, IVF’s and three miscarriages, my husband and I agreed to try one more round of IVF treatment after taking a much needed holiday. A business trip to Denmark followed by a once in a lifetime experience to Poland, love, eat and pray in Italy and a history lesson in Amsterdam came about. A few weeks after returning from holiday we received the news that a little miracle was on her way. God answered our prayers when we least expected it. Our struggle to conceive inspired the ‘WONDERLIK’ brand name.


Being pregnant during a world-wide pandemic with your due date during the national lockdown was both frustrating, emotional, but at the same time a humbling experience not having the freedom to walk into a shop and getting what you so desperately need when giving birth to a newborn. I struggled to finish the nursery and buy last minute essentials. I was unable to stimulate the “nesting mom” inside of me. Bits and bobs from online orders all over South Africa filled my “add to basket”. Needless to say, I spent twice as much on shipping! The limited supply, specifically for premature baby clothing, was astonishing. I managed to get hold of the bare essentials, but it was still very different from what the government had in mind with “essential goods shopping only”. I realised I wanted to do more and now was the perfect time. The ‘WONDERBABA’ brand and my fourth baby was both born during lockdown – a miracle in its own right!


“Believe in yourself, because other people believe in you!”~Author UNKNOWN

The saying goes – It takes a village to raise a child. I want seasoned mothers, mommies-to-be, grandparents and everyone shopping for babies to have everything they need in just one delivery. Just like every child is different, our products are too. It is safe, healthy, organic and good for mommy and baby, as well as for mother earth. It is stylish, of excellent quality, unique and handmade. I also have an eye for custom made items at an affordable price. Most of all I want shoppers to have options to choose from and not just settle for what society and the majority clutter our thoughts with. Choices on colour, size and material come standard at ‘WONDERLIK’.
Most of our items are produced under the ‘WONDERLIK’ brand name at the ‘WONDERBABA’ factory in the Eastern Cape. We discovered some of the best proudly South African products and imported brands from Denmark which cannot be missed out on!

Being a mom first, and business owner second, my priorities drive my business. The caring ‘WONDERLIK’ team is always ready to assist.
Thank you for taking time to read my personal journey and an even bigger thank you for shopping at

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